My focus is on helping students find their creative self and gain confidence in their own expressions. Through my online classes, we build together the foundations of your artistic life.

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A Few Fun Facts

  • I wrote my first song at 2 years old on a wooden baking spoon. It was called “Momma’s in the Kitchen and Daddy’s Gone.” (My dad was a touring musician. I guess I caught the travel bug early.)

  • I've played music and led workshops in 18 different countries. My favorite memory from one of these trips is leaving the tour early to trek alone to Mt Everest in the winter without a map.

  • I’m a self-taught guitarist, but that didn’t stop me from winning awards, producing an acclaimed album, and conducting a ballet choreographed by Ballet Austin. 

  • I have an 11-year old son who likes computer games and animals, and drumming on cardboard boxes.

  • I started teaching music online while I also work as a session music and video editor for other bands. I still write my own music and hope to release another album one day.

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Why Learn Music With Me

I’ve seen first-hand that music builds powers of creativity, self-confidence, originality, and logic that will help children in other areas of their life, too. And developing an ear for music at an early age can benefit kids for the rest of their lives.
I can help you or your children discover the joy and freedom of being a musician through my guitar, songwriting, and music production lessons. I’ll help them uncover their ability to express themselves and share their creations with others.
If your children want to explore music in a fun and creative way, let’s meet! Check out my classes, below, or click that button to get in touch.