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Tucker Livingston was born into a family of artists and musicians in the Texas hillcountry, and started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of eight.

    Livingston collaborated and toured with his father in 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2005 traveling throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East on grants from the U.S. Government to act as an official United States Ambassador of American music. It was during these travels that Tucker began working on songs for his first album. 

   Starting his own solo career in 1998, In the spring of 2003, Tucker entered and won the Austin Music Foundation's Incubator competition, which provides artists a grant to create and market a recorded work.

Soon after recording and releasing his debut album, Ballet Austin choreographed their 2004 Winter Ballet to its music in four sold-out performances at Austin's own Paramount Theatre.

On Apple’s iTunes online music store, Tucker’s self-titled debut CD was the # 6 most internationally downloaded folk artist album.

   Tucker Livingston has been a featured artist at The Austin City Limits Music Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival and Voice of America.


Tucker currently lives overseas and spends his time working online as a musician, teacher, video editor/producer and writer.

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Tucker Livingston is a poet who aims at the heart, not the chart. When you reach the heart, the chart will follow. People will want to acquire the music because it fills a space in the soul. A natural poet-minstrel chooses his words and instrumental arrangements in such a way that the phrases become emotional truth. Tucker’s music is simply free expression and flowing melody that makes sense where it matters most- in the elusive, mysterious place humankind calls the heart. Tucker Livingston knows the heart is hard to reach, but he understands that when you get there, you are most certainly home.

Michael Martin Murphy

I just had a chance to listen to a couple of songs by Tucker Livingston, and it has to be said that they are incredible by any standard ! To state that they capture the essence of a line finely and purposely drawn is only to comment on the line itself and not the context or the space around it, the nuance of decisions made, purpose defined, and course precisely determined. Tucker’s voice so perfectly and achingly compliments matters well considered and put to rest, although not without some regret, second thoughts, and more than a trace of melancholy. Likewise, his ability to address, through hope and consideration, the subject of his affection, buoying and hopeful in the most tender of ways.

Willis Alan Ramsay

A true original, in a musical world all his own.

Jerry Jeff Walker

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