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Last year, I moved into working online and had the chance to compose some music, play on some new albums, and edit music videos and vlogs for other musicians and course creators. Throughout the pandemic, I wrote over 30 new songs to stay creative. Some of you might have heard them on SoundCloud, and I might release the demos as a record.

But what I loved most about doing all of this was working with people. And in the last few months, I had a lot of requests from friends and fellow musicians to show them how to play some of my old songs.

This got me thinking… why not move into teaching online? It’s another avenue that I haven’t explored, even though I’ve given private in-person lessons and

So this year I’m setting up online private lessons for children and adults on the art of songwriting, acoustic guitar, and producing your own music at home. These are all skills that I’ve tweaked for over 25 years (except the online production part, since this wasn’t around 15 years ago).

Here’s what I’ll be teaching online:

  1. Guitar lessons (from intro lessons to open tunings and style classes)

  2. Songwriting lessons (I can write songs with you or help you unlock your songwriting potential)

  3. Home production (starting with Garage band and moving on to producing with Logic Pro)

I’m excited about offering these classes and can’t wait to see where it goes.

If you would like to talk about learning online with me, get in touch here.

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