What’s My Story

My family lived out in the Texas hill country. My earliest memories of my mom baking in the kitchen, playing outside in the hill country forest, and spending hours listening to my Dad’s records like The White Album while he was out on tour with The Lost Gonzo Band.

It’s famous in my family how I wrote my first song when I was 2 years old, I walked into the kitchen in my diapers, holding a wooden baking spoon like a guitar, singing “Momma’s in the Kitchen and Daddy’s gone.”

I think my mom cried, but I was telling my truth the only way I knew how: with a song.

Beyond a smattering of homeschooling and music classes, I built my skills and career on life experience. I could spend countless hours wandering the forest, writing in my journal, and learning fingerpicking and open tunings on my own.

I was labeled “a musician’s musician”, meaning that while I was relatively unknown on the scene, I played coffee shops and headed a few bands at local clubs while working side jobs.

I also joined a children’s music workshop program fusing Eastern and Western music, and in 1998, I started touring with my father for the US State Department as an ambassador of American music.

It was during these tours that I started writing songs for my debut album, for which I won the Austin Music Foundation’s “Best Texas Singer-Songwriter” incubator grantee program.

But I never went down the fame route. Instead, I settled down with a family and chose to live a quiet life creating music that matters to me. I’ve written hundreds of songs, worked on other musician’s records, and now I am starting to teach others what it means to write music that’s true to them.

For me, it’s always been about music for music’s sake. And I hope I can share my journey to inspire others.

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