Why Online Music Classes are Great for 2021 and Beyond

One thing that 2020 taught us was that it’s possible and sometimes preferable to learn things online. With lockdowns and school closures, suddenly, we found ourselves with more time than we knew what to do with.

Parents suddenly had all the family time they could want, with the added bonus of figuring out how to juggle homeschooling, working, and fun time.

Musicians and teachers, who were used to performing and teaching in person, had to learn new skills like live streaming, running Zoom classes, and finding students online. Those with physical studios had to set up in their living room. And everyone else had to transition to enjoying their live sessions and impromptu classes.

In spite of the difficulties like network issues and interruptions, this time spent together online proved for parents and teachers that sometimes learning online, in the comfort of your home, in a more intimate setting, has its good points.

For one thing, online lessons save both the learners and the teachers time — there’s no commute, no setup, nor waiting for others to finish. Instead, a good computer, a nice pair of earphones, and your home setup are the backdrop for meeting in a very personal setting.

Online lessons can also be more affordable because you cut out gas costs, studio fees, and some equipment overheads. You can easily choose whether to join group lessons or get private instruction at your convenience, within your budget.

And finally, you’re not limited by the selection of in-person teachers in your area. While you can look through Craig’s list or drive to a few studios around town, you can also find great individual and group classes from private online music tutors or take fun group classes from places like Outschool.

For me, transitioning this past year to an online session musician and tutor has been a very rewarding experience because I was able to connect with people from different backgrounds, share my music with them, and be part of projects that might not have happened otherwise. And while I have done numerous in-person workshops before, I realize that it’s also possible to teach private lessons and group classes online.

I am excited to be teaching music online in 2021 and can’t wait to see what other positives some out of these new lessons.

If you would like to get in touch about learning guitar, song writing, or music production, send me a message.

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